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Lake Meillant

24 August 2013

When we canvassed all our regular guests last winter about Lake Meillant and what we could do to improve it, the overwhelming response was to change nothing. They loved the fact that when they arrived, there was nobody there, nobody to tell you where to fish, cast and what bait to use. No opposition to squabble with over who has which swims. It is the sort of lake and fishing that I dreamt about forty years ago, long before the ‘circuit’, ‘names’ and ‘branding’ were ever considered to be part of our sport.The lake and surroundings are genuinely stunning, the fish already huge. So we changed nothing but have improved a lot.

All the platforms have been rebuilt and are now huge. Plenty of space to bivvy up on and move around. There are, of course, plenty of places to fish from the bank if you prefer. The bridge over the culvert has been replaced so you can sneak round the back to stalk fish in the shallow water more easily. There is a new platform in the top lake. And we have introduced a lot of new fish this year to make the fishing a bit busier. As a result we have had several reports of parties banking more than a hundred fish with the best almost 60lbs.

We will continue to look for ways of changing nothing and improving a lot.

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