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Chalet Lake Work Starts

31 October 2013

Work started at Chalet Lake last week to return this iconic carp fishery back to Division One status again. We have asked our guests what they wanted and now we start the work to deliver.

The Lake was completely drained last week and all of the fish have been removed. The fish we want to keep, which include all the carp which weighed up to 58lbs, four beautiful pet koi carp and about twenty grass carp up to 50lbs have all been put safely in a pond next door where they will spend a large part of the winter before being moved back into Chalet Lake again.

All of the silver fish, which were mostly roach and roach bream hybrids along with all of the catfish, which between them weighed about 8000lbs, have been removed and disposed of. I will restock some cats back in the Spring but am undecided how many to return. I started with the idea we would put a dozen same sex monsters back but am now thinking the number should be just four. Same sex equals no breeding and no repeat of the population explosion that we have seen in recent years. Do I hear Cheering from some of our regulars?

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